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From The Land

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Catena Foundation logoExplore coverage of Native American tribes empowering themselves through stewardship and decision-making around their natural resources.

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Hear Arizona podcasts address issues and empower our community with solutions journalism. Past podcasts have covered issues like aging, accessibility, affordable housing, homelessness, the arts, education, veterans, and climate change.

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We think great stories start with curious questions, and KJZZ wants to investigate your questions – big or small – from the Valley or across the state. Through our Q&AZ reporting project, we answer the questions listeners send in. Find out new things about the Grand Canyon State each month.

Prickly from the KJZZ Politics Desk

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2024 is here, it’s a new Arizona legislative session and it is a federal election year. How do you know what to pay attention to or what our elected officials are doing to represent us? Subscribe to Prickly from KJZZ’s Politics Desk.