Beyond boosters, health officials encourage Arizonans 65+ to get 2022 flu shots

Published: Friday, September 2, 2022 - 7:31am

As new variants of COVID-19 become more dominant and flu season approaches, health officials are encouraging Arizonans 65 and up to roll up their sleeves. Only about a third of this group got a COVID booster, and they are also at higher risk of developing serious flu complications.

Masking and staying home kept flu numbers lower last year, but Doctor Devin Minior — chief medical officer for Banner Health's urgent care facilities — said getting an annual flu vaccine is still important.

"It is possible to get both (the) flu and COVID at the same time, so again, another reason to get your flu shot and get your COVID shot," Minior said.

The recommendation, Minior says, is to get your flu shot before the start of flu season.

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