Water conservation measures back in place at Grand Canyon this weekend

Published: Friday, August 5, 2022 - 4:13pm
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Grand Canyon National Park is bringing back mandatory water conservation measures this weekend. This comes after measures were lifted earlier this week.

Water supply on the Grand Canyon’s South Rim has fluctuated over the past several days. Park officials lifted water conservation measures on Wednesday, after repairing a damaged pipe. It was announced Friday that restrictions are back this weekend.

Park spokeswoman Tina Villalobos said storage tanks on the rim are not refilling at a sustainable rate.

“The storage reserve is not really keeping pace with our usage," she said. "So we’re instituting water conservation measures to refill the storage tanks in a matter of weeks, rather than months.”

Villalobos said they’re still looking into why the storage tanks aren’t refilling fast enough. In the meantime, they ask people to take shorter or less-frequent showers, avoid washing cars, and to report drips or leaks, among other measures. 

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