Blues Playlist for June 10, 2012

Time Artist/Group Album Title Track
6:01 Charles Lucas Combo New York Wild Guitars Walkin'
6:02 Sonny Blair Arkansas Blues Step Back Baby
6:03 James Reed California Blues My Mama Told Me
6:04 Betty James Don't Freeze On Me I'm A Little Mixed Up
6:05 George Smith California Blues Hey Mr. Porter
6:06 John Lee Hooker Everybody's Blues Three Long Years Today
6:07 Al Simmons Dig These Blues You Ain't Too Old
6:08 B.B. King Great Moments With Payin' The Cost to Be The Boss
6:09 Albert King Born Under a Bad Sign Born Under a Bad Sign
6:10 Freddy King Hideaway Goin' Down
6:11 Little Walter Complete Chess Masters My Babe
6:12 Howlin Wolf His Best 300 Pounds of Joy
6:13 Muddy Waters His Best You Can't Lose What You Never Had
6:14 J.B. Hutto Hawk Squat What Can You Get Outside That You Can't Get At Home
6:15 J.B. Hutto Hawk Squat The Same Mistake Twice
6:16 Big Joe & The Washboard Band Good Time Blues If You Take Me Back
6:17 Victoria Spivey News & Blues Dope Head Blues
6:18 Lonnie Johnson Stompin' On The Blues Playing With The Strings
7:01 Memphis Minnie Hoodoo Lady Down In The Alley
7:02 Blind Boy Fuller East Coast Piedmont Style Evil Hearted Woman
7:03 Bobby Blue Bland I Pity the Fool I Pity the Fool
7:04 Barbara Lynn You'll Lose A Good Thing Can't Buy My Love
7:05 Little Milton You're Welcome to the Club Ain't No Big Deal On You
7:06 Freddy King Hideaway See See Baby
7:07 Mabel John My Name Is Mabel More Lovin
7:08 Otis Spann Down to Earth Diving Duck
7:09 John Lee Hooker Urban Blues Backbiters and Syndicators
7:10 Magic Sam West Side Soul Lookin Good
7:11 Junior Wells Hoodoo Man Blues Early In The Morning
7:12 Johnny Young Chicago Blues I'm Having A Ball
7:13 Muddy Waters Live Strange Woman
7:14 The Treniers Best Of Rockin' On A Sunday Night
7:15 Titus Turner Okeh R&B Down To Big Mary's
7:16 Big John & The Buzzards Okeh Rhythm & Blues Story Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash
8:01 Andre Williams Okeh R&B Story Bacon Fat
8:02 Big Maybelle Complete Okeh Sessions Just Want Your Love
8:03 The Ravens Dreams, Pleas and Blues Gotta Find My Baby
8:04 The Treniers They Rock They Roll They Swing Rockin' Is Our Business
8:05 Mance Lipscomb You Got To Reap What You Sow Hattie Green
8:06 Clarence Edwards Country Negro Jam Session Thousand Miles From Nowhere
8:07 Hogman Maxey Angola Prisoners' Blues Stagolee
8:08 Little Walter Complete Chess Masters You're So Fine
8:09 Muddy Waters His Best 40 Days and 40 Nights
8:10 Howlin Wolf His Best Howling For My Darling
8:11 Sonny Boy Williamson His Best Cross My Heart
8:12 Bo Diddley His Best Pretty Thing
8:13 Little Walter Complete Chess Masters Just Your Fool
8:14 Albert King Wednesday Night in San Francisco Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
8:15 Frank Floyd Stompin' 18 Rock A Little Baby
8:16 Otis Hinton Stompin 18 Walkin Downhill
8:17 Clarence Locksley Shim Sham Shimmy Crowley Blues
8:18 Alonzo Scales Stompin 18 My Baby Likes to Shuffle
9:01 Jake Jackson Shim Sham Shimmy Life Gets Hard
9:02 Sidney Maiden Dig These Blues Hand Me Down Baby
9:03 John Lee Hooker Everybody's Blues Odds Against Me
9:04 B. Brown Shim Sham Shimmy Good Woman Blues
9:05 Betty James Don't Freeze On Me Help Me Find the One I Love
9:06 James Cotton Best of Verve Years Sweet 16
9:07 James Cotton Best of Verve Years Off the Wall
9:08 James Cotton Best of Verve Years She's Murder
9:09 James Cotton Best of Verve Years Heart Attack
9:10 Robert Belfour Pushin My Luck Pushin My Luck
9:11 Smoki Whitfield Stompin' 29 Take The Hint
9:12 Jimmy Williams Stompin' 29 Big Legged Woman
9:13 Vernon Anders Stompin' 29 All Messed Up
9:14 Earl Williams Stompin' You Ain't Puttin' Out Nothing But The Lights
9:15 Willie Egan Shim Sham Shimmy I Can't Understand It
9:16 Koko Taylor What It Takes Wang Dang Doodle
9:17 Big Joe Williams Baby Please Don't Go Little Leg Woman
9:18 Robert Lockwood Jr. Mississippi Blues Little Boy Blue
10:01 Robert Petway Mississippi Blues Catfish Blues
10:02 Tommy McClennon Bluebird Recordings Baby Please Don't Tell On Me
10:03 Ray Charles Blues + Jazz Early In The Morning
10:04 Etta James At Last All I Could Do Is Cry
10:05 Wilson Pickett In The Midnight Hour Let's Kiss and Make Up
10:06 The Five Royales Catch That Teardrop I Want It Like That
10:07 Jessie Mae Hemphill Don't Freeze On Me Don't Freeze On Me
10:08 Carey Bell Living Chicago Blues One Day
10:09 Carey Bell Living Chicago Blues Woman In Trouble
10:10 Louisiana Red Atlas Blues Explosion I Done Woke Up
10:11 Mojo Watson Atlas Blues Explosion You Know You Don't Want Me
10:12 H-Bomb Ferguson Atlas Blues Explosion On My Way
10:13 James Wayne Atlas Blues Explosion This Little Letter
10:14 Little Walter Complete Chess Masters Quarter To Twelve
10:15 Jimmy Rogers Complete Chess You're The One
10:16 Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man I Just Want To Make Love To You
10:17 Little Walter Complete Chess Masters Aww Baby
10:18 Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man She's So Pretty
10:19 Little Walter Complete Chess Masters It's Too Late Brother
10:20 Fred Kaplan Hold My Mule Souled Out