Sustainability influencer launches project to make ethical fashion more accessible

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Monday, July 18, 2022 - 11:54am

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zahra biabani
Zahra Biabani
Zahra Biabani

Zahra Biabani is what the kids call a sustainability influencer. On social media, you can see her donning chic outfits made by ethical brands and dancing to videos highlighting this week’s “earth wins.”

She’s always been passionate about sustainability, but her newest venture marries that love with fashion. It’s called In The Loop,  and with it, she and cofounder Megan McSherry are hoping to make sustainable fashion more accessible to young people like them. Members of In The Loop can rent clothing each month from ethical fashion brands and return it when they’re done.

The pair launched the service on July 1 with 20 subscription spots and hope to grow it from here.

The Show spoke with Biabani to learn more about the venture, and she said that while she spent a lot of her younger years working on issues like environmental justice, bringing fashion into the picture was never part of the plan until a high school friend brought her attention to another issue: human trafficking.

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