Goldwater Institute challenges Glendale hockey deal

June 14, 2012

The Goldwater Institute is challenging last Friday's vote by the Glendale City Council, on a deal with the potential new owner of the Phoenix Coyotes. Goldwater President Darcy Olson says the city failed to provide important information on the 20-year deal to lease and operate Arena,

"The city provided some of the documents, but left out critical documents. Even the mayor of Glendale has asked why these exhibits have not been made public," Olson said.

Mayor Elaine Scruggs was among the council members voting against that deal.  Councilwoman Yvonne Knaack supported the agreement, which she says has been thoroughly examined.

"We have spent hours and hours and hours reviewing documents, and we don't make this decision lightly. The people that are critics, they need to really know about the deal and what we are talking about, and a lot of them don't," Knaack said.

The Superior Court suit on behalf of Glendale taxpayers claims last week's vote violated a 2009 court order requiring Glendale to provide all documents in negotiations between the city and a prospective owner to Goldwater in a timely manner.

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