Why breastfeeding won't solve the nationwide baby formula shortage

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 1:16pm

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breastfeeding cartoon of woman drowning in milk
A panel from Aubrey Hirsch's illustrated essay. “When you tell lactating parents there’s ‘no cost’ to breastfeeding, what you mean is that their time, their work, and their physical and mental health have no value.”

New parents around the country are facing one of the scariest situations possible: not being able to feed their infant children as the nationwide shortage of formula continues.

The shortage has revived a long-running debate about using formula versus breastfeeding, and the idea that, while formula might be getting more expensive, breastfeeding is free.

That got Aubrey Hirsch worked up. Hirsch is a writer, illustrator and mother of two,  and she has a new illustrated essay out on Vox that breaks down the actual costs of breastfeeding.

The Show spoke with her to learn about it, beginning with the first image in her essay, which depicts three different mothers drowning inside of milk bottles.

aubrey hirsch
Aubrey Hirsch
Aubrey Hirsch

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