Masking can help prevent the spread of COVID. If you're high-risk, what options do you have?

Published: Saturday, April 30, 2022 - 11:27am

Earlier this month, a federal judge struck down the requirement to wear a mask in airports and during flights. And around the state and country, masks are now mostly optional. But if you’re high-risk, what options do you have?

JJ Rico is the CEO for the Arizona Center for Disability Law.

"People with disabilities during this pandemic have been largely forgotten as a group who is greatly impacted by the coronavirus," he said. "And so decisions like [the requirement to wear a mask in airports] continue to impact the disability community."

But Rico says there are times when reasonable accommodations can be made like in schools.

"So if their child was a child with a disability, they could ask for that accommodation so that in their classroom or their child's classroom, there could be required mask wearing," he said.

Rico says that it’s highly unlikely accommodations could be made in larger arenas, like an airport, but there are options for smaller venues like places of work. 

Rico says in his 20 years of doing legal and advocacy work for people with disabilities, he thought progress had been made — until COVID-19. 

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