KJZZ's Illustrated SOAPBOX



On KJZZ's Illustrated SOAPBOX, we're turning over the the pen to our listeners. For our inaugural series about the pandemic's impact from March 28-April 1, 2022, listeners tackled the theme LOST.

LOST TIME by Rebecca Fish Ewan

Rebecca Fish Ewan works in visual hybrid form and is the writer/illustrator of the books "Doodling for Writers" and "By the Forces of Gravity," a cartoon/poetry memoir. Find her on Instagram @doodlescriptorium.


PRESENCE by Emerson Sherman

Emerson Sherman is a young artist and writer from Phoenix. You can find more of her work at @cosmicowboys on Instagram.


THE RAINCOAT by R. Bradley Snyder

When he is not crafting stories, Brad Snyder explains children to adults through research, publications and the podcast Talking About Kids.


TRUTH UNFOLDS by Monica Aissa Martinez

Monica Aissa Martinez is a visual artist who very recently (in the last two years) discovered why her father enjoyed all things Star Trek.


MAKING UP LOST TIME by Cynthia Clark Harvey

Cynthia Clark Harvey writes and draws in north Phoenix. Find her on Instagram @mamatutu.az or at cynthiaclarkharvey.com.