Walter Cronkite?s Valley connection

June 06, 2012

Tom Chauncey II talks about friend of the family Walter Cronkite. He discusses Cronkite’s influence on journalism and Arizona State University.

Chauncey says there was frustration in the industry with journalism schools. Cronkite believed that in journalism schools, students should be taught how to write and how to deal with cutting-edge technology. Around that time it was decided the journalism school at ASU should strive to be a world-class organization. Chauncey’s father asked Cronkite if he would be willing to lend his name to the establishment, and the newsman agreed.

Chauncey says Cronkite was a dedicated and thoroughly prepared anchor, which is what made him the most trusted man in America. He says when CBS talked Cronkite into retiring it was a huge mistake. Chauncey says the 24/7 news cycle has affected America, and without a nightly newscast and a figure like Cronkite to look toward we lose a common understanding of the world.

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