Smart tech has made driving cars easier. These NAU engineers want to do the same for bikes

By Mark Brodie
Published: Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - 11:39am

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NAU smart bikes lab
Northern Arizona University
Chun-Hsing Ho (center) working on smart bikes with engineering students at NAU.

Cars are seemingly constantly adding new technologies to make them “smarter:” adaptive cruise control, lane-adjust sensors and information about road and traffic conditions.

Those technologies have not yet made it to bicycles, but a team at Northern Arizona University is trying to change that.

The group of engineers is working on a smart bike, which will provide riders with real-time information about the available bike infrastructure in a particular area, among other things.

Chun-Hsing Ho is an assistant professor in NAU’s department of civil engineering, construction management and environmental engineering.

The Show spoke with him to learn about the project.

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