Supply-chain issues didn't really affect the holidays as expected

Published: Tuesday, December 28, 2021 - 6:05am
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Warnings of a shortage of holiday gifts and supplies due to supply-chain disruptions largely didn’t materialize this season.

A Scottsdale economist indicated most store shelves were full because the Biden administration extended shipping dock hours and created a task force this summer to help ensure retailers could meet consumer demand.

Danny Court with Elliot D. Pollack and Co. said, “There were some commitments by big retailers like Walmart, Target and Gap to order their holiday imports a couple months early and also to launch some of their promotions earlier to help ease that traditional spike.”

Court said some items may have been more difficult to purchase, however. 

“Maybe you were able to purchase a TV, clothing or shoes but there are still others out there looking for automobiles, pet food or cream cheese that couldn’t find what they were looking for," said Court.

He also said there’s still a backlog in transit as cargo ships wait to get into U.S. ports.