June 2012 Enews - You're Still the One

June 04, 2012

KJZZ Enews

#1 imageThanks to you, KJZZ has been leading the way as one of the top radio stations in the Valley and one of the top 10 public radio stations in the country-- and you’re the number one reason for that success.

Listenership is at an all-time high for KJZZ, which has maintained its standing as the Valley’s number one news station during morning and afternoon drive times since fall of 2011.

Why is this such a big deal?  More listeners means more contributing members and more organizations will likely buy more air time. That means KJZZ will have more resources to purchase and produce all of your favorite programs... and the potential to develop new projects.

We at KJZZ are proud of the programming we produce and the awards we win, but we want to make sure you get credit for your role in KJZZ’s successes.

Your listenership and financial support make everything we do possible, which makes you number one in our book.

We’re grateful for your support. Thank you.


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