Arizona Rep. Cook decries decision to deny Flagstaff FEMA aid

Published: Friday, October 8, 2021 - 10:40am

Due to burn scars from fires, Flagstaff has faced many different flood events recently. But the city was denied FEMA aid because not one of those events, in solitude, met the $10 million damage requirement. 

Arizona House Republican David Cook of Globe says the federal government isn’t taking into account the compounding damage on rural communities, and the $10 million for one event is just too high.  

“What they should be doing is saying that OK well the fire is an event, and because of the fire each of these flood events should be counting towards that single $10 million.’ So once it would reach $10 million in damage from all of that, then the federal money should come in to help alleviate and help fix those problems," Cook said. 

Cook also says federal fire suppression rules aren’t being followed. He hopes Arizona’s congressional delegation can come up with some legislative solutions.

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