Valleywise Health Struggles To Fill Hundreds Of Positions

Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 12:07pm
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The pandemic has been taking a toll on health care workers, leading to staff shortages and competition between health care providers. 

Valleywise Health Chief Nursing Officer Sherry Stotler says they are trying to fill hundreds of positions, mostly registered nurses. 

“We probably have around 151 RNs that we’re still recruiting for and the same probably 100-plus of what you would call a support staff," Stotler said.

Stotler also says the shortage isn’t just at Valleywise, but everywhere. And she says there are not a lot of qualified staff to go around.

"It is feeling like you’re just competing amongst each other for the same individuals, for the same areas, because I think we’re all experiencing the same shortages in the same areas," Stotler said. 

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