KJZZ news director

KJZZ is looking for a news director to be the strategic leader and chief editor of KJZZ’s local and regional journalism operation, overseeing news staff, and output of local and regional journalism on all platforms.

We're seeking an experienced, dynamic leader to drive coverage that serves hundreds of thousands of weekly listeners in the U.S.'s fifth largest city. 

Great benefits

This position offers a competitive salary and great benefits. These include health and dental coverage, retirement benefits, generous vacation and sick leave, as well as other benefits.

Essential functions

40% - News Strategy

  • Serves as primary news editor, with responsibility for ensuring all news content is accurate, ethical, engaging, and in line with the highest standards of professional journalism.
  • Works with supervisor and news staff to set strategic priorities and goals for KJZZ’s news operation, focusing topics and reporting and geographic coverage priorities.
  • Implements the strategic plan for news content.
  • Edits with Integrity and Quality Standards Control
  • Serves as the primary keeper and champion of KJZZ’s editorial integrity and independence standards; ensures related documents are regularly reviewed and updated and that the standards are regularly discussed, widely understood and upheld.

25% - Management and Administration

  • Manages news department staff, including providing feedback and performance reviews.
  • Recruits for news positions and makes recommendations to supervisor on personnel decisions.
  • Works with supervisor to create news department budget; manages budget throughout the year.

20% - Coverage Planning and Implementation

  • Sets KJZZ’s news agenda.
  • Plans daily and long-range news coverage on all platforms.
  • Oversees KJZZ’s local news projects.
  • Creates and maintains plans for coverage of crises and breaking news, works with other station departments as appropriate.
  • Makes reporting and producing assignments.

15% - Community Engagement and Collaboration

  • Works with relevant staff to solicit and reflect community input on news coverage priorities.
  • Creates opportunities for the community to engage with news content, virtually and in person.
  • Works with staff in all relevant KJZZ departments, including community engagement, digital strategies, marketing and development to leverage existing staff skills and to coordinate with station projects.
  • Works with relevant staff to identify and build news-related partnerships and collaborations with other media and/or with community organizations; oversees and/or directly manages KJZZ’s participation in such collaborations.
  • Collaborates with NPR and other national outlets on news coverage as appropriate.

Minimum qualifications

Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in journalism, radio/television, broadcasting or related field and five years of studio, production, programming and/or technical radio/television broadcast experience which includes two years of supervisory experience.


An equivalent combination of the conferred degree and directly related full-time work experience as described above sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above, unless otherwise subject to any other requirements set forth in law or regulation, may be considered.

Desired qualifications

1. Five or more years of editorial experience, with at least three years in news management or applicable expertise.
2. Three or more years demonstrated experience editing enterprise, in-depth, long-form journalism on radio and digital platforms.
3. Two or more years of demonstrated experience in digital journalism content creation and understanding of digital platforms as crucial.
4. Demonstrated experience with news-related live events and community engagement initiatives.
5. Excellent leadership, communication, and organizational skills.

If you experience issues with the application links, search for job 316053 at jobs.maricopa.edu to apply.