KJZZ Senior Field Correspondent — Tucson

KJZZ is looking for a senior field correspondent to investigate and share stories from southern Arizona and the Southwest.

The reporter will be researching and producing topical news stories from Tucson and southern Arizona, including border issues and the stories of the diverse communities of the region to the KJZZ audience.

This is a Tucson-based position. A senior field correspondent does a variety of breaking news and enterprising/investigative reporting in multiple formats.

Essential Functions

25% - Researches, gathers, writes, edits and delivers news tape and copy.
15% - Publishes news stories across multiple media platforms.
15% - Investigates breaking news developments.
10% - Analyzes and interprets news and current issues; researches and analyzes background information related to story development and reporting accuracy.
10% - Operates studio and field audio equipment.
10% - Covers news conferences and conducts interviews.
5% - Assists in fundraising efforts and events.
5% - Develops and maintains contact lists and sources.
5% - Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in journalism, radio/television, broadcasting or directly related field and two years of professional journalism/broadcasting experience such as researching, editing, interviewing and reporting news stories.


An equivalent combination of the conferred degree and directly related full-time work experience as described above sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above, unless otherwise subject to any other requirements set forth in law or regulation, may be considered.

Desired Qualifications

1. Journalistic experience at a public radio facility or mid- to major-market newspaper including developing sources and establishing effective communication channels.
2. Breaking news experience.
3. Live news field reporting.
4. Investigative reporting experience including research skills.
5. Three or more years of regional reporting experience
6. Two or more years of beat reporting
7. Excellent editing skills as demonstrated through a portfolio containing recent examples of education news reporting in any media format submitted by close of business of the application deadline to the Rio Salado College Human Resources Office.

If you experience issues with the application links, search for job 315223 at jobs.maricopa.edu to apply.