Get Girl Scout Cookies Without The Wait

By Stina Sieg
Published: Monday, January 27, 2014 - 6:09am
Updated: Monday, January 27, 2014 - 10:09am
(Photo by Julie Levin-KJZZ)
Girl Scout cookie sales start Monday.

Girl Scout cookie season begins Monday, and this time, the annual tradition has a sweet twist. Girl Scouts in central and northern Arizona will not be taking pre-orders. Instead, they will have boxes in hand when they sell outside grocery stores or go door to door.

In other words, you can buy your Thin Mints, Savannah Smiles and Do-si-dos, and eat them, too. This replaces the system still used by most Girl Scouts in country, where customers order their treats then wait weeks for them to arrive. Typically, Girl Scouts only do direct sales after those pre-orders are delivered.

Heather Thornton is spokeswoman for the Arizona Girls Scouts Cactus-Pine Council. Thornton said the council’s move should boost sales and thinks it is obvious why.

“Oh, it’s that instant gratification,” Thornton said. “It’s, 'Oh, cookies are right here, right now. Of course I want those' or, 'they sound really good in this moment.’”

Thornton said the Cactus-Pine Council’s goal is to sell 3.3 million boxes of cookies. Once it reaches that goal, any additional sales will go toward revamping the council’s urban camp, Camp Sombrero.

Cookie season officially ends March 9.

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