State License Plate Production Back On Schedule

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Friday, June 25, 2021 - 2:53pm

A worldwide aluminum shortage that affected a number of industries put the brakes on license plate production in Arizona, but the supply chain is returning to normal.

The Arizona Department of Transportation normally contracts with Arizona Correctional Industries to produce license plates.

Incarcerated people working in a prison in Florence take pieces of aluminum and give them the specific coating and numbers for individual customers.

But ADOT spokesman Doug Nick says because of the supply chain disruption, ACI didn’t receive a recent shipment of aluminum. “MVD was able to contract with another provider temporarily to get through the shortfall," Nick said, "the contractor worked double shifts and so forth.”

Nick says ACI has now received the raw materials they need and ADOT is back to the original production contract.

He says some customers may have experienced delays in receiving plates and tags but all information was entered into the state electronic database in a timely manner.