Mesa Public Schools Approves Pay Raises, Extra Stipends For Employees

Published: Friday, June 4, 2021 - 4:46pm
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Mesa Public Schools teachers, bus drivers and other district employees will all get raises starting in the fall.

A 2% increase in pay for salaried employees and a $1 rate increase for hourly staff are accompanied by a $3,000 stipend for any district employee who worked during last school year and will work during the next.

Mesa Education Association President Kelly Berg says the pay increase and stipend are a good way to show appreciation during a challenging year.

“I think it’s a kind, nice way to say ‘thank you, we value that you have come into work.’ A 2% raise, boy, I wish it were more, but in these financial times it’s difficult to do more,” said Berg.

Berg also says the so-called “retention stipend” will not only help the teachers and other employees receiving it, but students as well.

“Kids love having stability within their classroom buildings. Knowing that the teachers are going to be there, that they are going to be in first grade, but then they know who the second grade teachers are. So they're already eyeing who that's gonna be,” said Berg.

She predicts that some Mesa Public Schools staff will stay on because of the measures taken to increase their pay and reward their consistency.


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