Proposed Tobacco Law Scrutinized For Lack Of Regulations

Published: Saturday, May 8, 2021 - 5:09pm
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The Arizona Senate recently passed a bill that would require a retailer to receive a license to sell tobacco, vapor or alternative nicotine products. 

The bill received bipartisan support, but is drawing criticism due to a perceived lack of strict regulations.

Arizona House Bill 2682 would also prohibit cities from regulating sales and marketing of tobacco products, leaving the laws up to the state.

Critics of the bill, including Tucson state Sen. Kirsten Engel, say prohibiting cities from more regulations is a victory for the tobacco industry.

“We’re giving into big tobacco here, and we are pre-empting our cities and counties, many of which have very solid regulatory programs, to safeguard our youth,” said Engel.

Glendale Sen. Paul Boyer tried to amend the legislation to allow cities to enforce local laws against youth smoking and vaping, but that amendment was rejected.

The amended bill is currently being debated in the state House, after passing through the Senate.


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