Arizona Reports Record Number Of COVID-19 Deaths

Published: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 2:35pm

Arizona broke another unfortunate record Tuesday, reporting 335 COVID-19 deaths. The state has never reported more than 300 COVID-19 deaths in a day. 

When the state reports death totals each day, the numbers represent death certificate matches that sometimes go back several weeks, so the reports are not a reflection of the number of people who have died in the last 24 hours. Even so, the daily reports of deaths have been steadily rising, with multiple records set just in the first two weeks of January.

In all, more than 10,000 Arizonans have died from COVID-19 complications. And data indicate the virus is not slowing down in Arizona. The number of Arizonans with COVID-19 in hospital ICU beds as of Monday was at an all-time high, as was the number of Arizonans on ventilators.