ASU's Intergenerational Community Mirabella Welcomes First Residents Despite Pandemic

Published: Monday, January 11, 2021 - 9:29am
Updated: Monday, February 22, 2021 - 1:08pm
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Mirabella in the heart of downtown Tempe is an intergenerational community.

Four years after Arizona State University announced plans to open an intergenerational high-rise community called Mirabella in the heart of Tempe’s campus, residents are finally moving in — albeit during a global pandemic. 

Judy and Frank Woertz are finally settling into their new home at Mirabella. 

"We were one of the founding members. And I think we gave our first kind of commitment deposit four years ago."

And while the Woertzes were excited to finally move in, the pandemic gave them pause.

"One of my big fears was that — I have friends that are in lockdown, they live in places where they’re in lockdown and that’s pretty scary for a guy like me," said Frank. "I like to be out and about."

His wife echoed her husband's sentiment. 

"And we were concerned that we would be locked down as in some other places that are very stringent on their senior apartments," she said. "But once talking to the management at Mirabella, we were assured that they have not done that anyplace else."

Judy says Mriabella is following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols and guidelines. As a result, she and her husband felt very comfortable moving in, along with 24 other families in the last two weeks.

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