Arizona Democratic Party Chair: Trump To Blame For Mob At U.S. Capitol

Published: Thursday, January 7, 2021 - 7:32am
Arizona Democratic Party
Felecia Rotellini

Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia Rotellini says she was shocked as she and the rest of the country watched as a pro-Trump mob sieged the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday.

Rotellini says the blame squarely falls with President Donald Trump, who had called a rally on the U.S. Capitol grounds earlier that day. But she also says the Republican Party has hit a new low, and Republican lawmakers that support Trump’s false claims of voter fraud are hypocrites.

“They want to have this double standard where they feel that they can challenge the presidential vote, but doesn’t that also put their own election into play and cast doubt on its integrity?” Rotellini said.

Rotellini also says normalcy will return with the new administration, however she says there is a long road ahead.

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