Money problems force City of Glendale layoffs

May 18, 2012

Nearly 50 employees with the City of Glendale are losing their jobs. City leaders say the slow economy and the city’s debt to the National Hockey League forced the cuts. KJZZ’s Al Macias reports.

AL MACIAS: Layoffs have been discussed for several months as planners tried to address a $35 million shortfall in next year’s budget. But no one was sure which jobs would be eliminated until Wednesday afternoon. City staffers say they’ve found other positions for six of the laid off employees and several others may take early retirement.  The layoffs account for about 2 percent of the city’s work force. Jim Brown is the Glendale’s Human Services Director.

JIM BROWN: Glendale did have some positions that were identified about three, three and a half years ago, it ended up with about nine positions being reduced. So this is larger than what we’ve experienced in quite some time.

MACIAS: The city paid the National Hockey League $25 million last year to manage the Coyotes Hockey team and arena in Glendale and is committed to another $25 million this year when the Coyotes wrap up their season.

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