5 KJZZ Stories Just Right For Thanksgiving

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Published: Thursday, November 26, 2020 - 5:49am

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After you fill your plate, fill your ears with stories from The Show's archives.

Just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend, The Show has picked some of its best stories and interviews from its archives.

So whether you're prepping the turkey or relaxing after the leftovers, settle in for a good listen.

Thanksgiving With Southwest Twist

The food blog Epicurious published a menu for a Southwestern Thanksgiving featuring recipes like cranberry salsa, nopales and green beet salad, empanadas and stuffing with green chiles. David Tamarkin, editor at Epicurious spoke about the unique recipes.

Disagreeing Agreeably

The holidays can be a great time to catch up with family and friends. It can also be a time to avoid certain topics of discussion with those family members and friends, especially if they hold opinions you disagree with. But what if that's the wrong approach? Buster Benson, author of "Why Are We Yelling? The Art of Productive Disagreement," shares some tips.

'Slow Food' Values In Fast Food Culture

We’ve all heard the line, "We are what we eat." But for Alice Waters, how we eat is also important. Waters is a chef, restaurateur, author and food activist. She’s also been involved in the "slow food" movement for many years.

Why Online Shopping Makes Us Feel Human During The Pandemic

Working from home or simply being around the house on a more regular basis has put a lot of us in a spending mindset. Sure, we need some of those items but many of them are impulse purchases or simply a way to find a bit of normalcy. Kelly Goldsmith, associate professor of marketing at Vanderbilt University, talks about the trend.

Arizona Storytellers: Kim Haasarud

Kim Haasarud describes herself as always having been a bit of a tomboy. She enjoyed sports and wore her hair short, much to her conservative parents’ chagrin. But Haasarud always made it a point to visit her parents for the holidays. And at the end of one Thanksgiving vacation, Haasarud was getting ready to fly back to school when her parents called her into their bedroom for a talk.

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