Black Cats Aren't Victims Of Halloween Horror

By Kathy Ritchie
Published: Friday, October 30, 2020 - 8:45am

There are lots of scary stories this time of year, but one story that might be completely untrue — and should be buried — is the one about how black cats are snatched or adopted out for nefarious rituals.

It’s not easy being a black cat (or a black dog). And there’s a name for it, "black animal syndrome."

Arizona Animal Welfare League
Some of the many black kitties that are either still up for adoption or have already found their forever home.

"Basically, they're harder to see when you're walking by a kennel or when you're in the cattery. They're just harder to spot sometimes, and people will pass by them, whether that's physical or psychological, they just don't notice them as much. And it can be difficult."

That’s Michael Morefield. He’s with the Arizona Animal Welfare League. 

But when it comes to those stories about how black cats are tortured and murdered this time of year, he says that’s not a thing.

"The Smithsonian, National Geographic and the ASPCA and other national groups have disproven this myth about increased violence against black cats over a decade ago. This is simply not true. ... And unfortunately, it has affected the adoption of black cats. Black cats can be some of the hardest animals to adopt from a shelter, separate of the myths and stereotypes."

A spokesperson for the Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter in Tucson echoed Morerfield, calling it an urban legend.