Phoenix Breaks Record For Triple-Digit-Temperature Days

Published: Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 2:49pm
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On Wednesday, Phoenix saw its 144th day of triple-digit temperatures, breaking its previous record for 100-degree days in a single year. More such days may be on their way.

Phoenix set its former record in 1989, but the rest of the top five triple-digit years happened after 2000.

ASU climate change expert Matei Georgescu says daily highs might not get much hotter in the coming decade, but the number of hot days will likely increase nationwide.

"Phoenix is continuing to get hotter. And what we've seen this year is really perhaps an indication of what is to come," Georgescu said. 

This year's record could expand further: The National Weather Service says Phoenix highs could reach into the high-90s or low-100s through the end of the week.


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