USPS Says No Mail Lost After Reports Of Empty Crates On Side Of Arizona State Route 143

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 3:06pm
Updated: Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 7:10am

The U.S. Postal Service retrieved several empty mail trays from the side of a road near Sky Harbor Airport on Wednesday morning.

After a listener reported seeing discarded mail crates, KJZZ located and confirmed the USPS property just south of Washington Street on State Route 143.

USPS employees on the scene retrieving the mail crates said they did not find any mail and the trays appeared to be trash.

USPS spokesperson Rod Spurgeon told KJZZ they provide mail crates to large volume customers.

"We sent a team to investigate the situation and discovered several empty trays and 1 empty Priority Mail box at the location you identified," Spurgeon said in a response to KJZZ's inquiry. "No mail was at the scene."

"The Postal Service routinely provides empty trays and tubs to customers who generate larger volumes of mail," Spurgeon said. "We believe this empty equipment was from a mailer who did not secure it property inside a vehicle."

Identification stickers on the crates indicate they may be the property of a local shipping and fulfillment company.

USPS mail crates
Jimmy Jenkins/KJZZ
USPS mail crates along the side of SR 143 near Sky Harbor airport. No mail was found at the site.