University of Arizona Starts More In-Person Classes, Looks To Thanksgiving

Published: Monday, October 12, 2020 - 3:23pm
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The University of Arizona started in-person classes of 30 or fewer students on Monday. This means 1,500 students are joining the 6,200 who have already been on campus taking essential in-person courses. The additional students on campus this week are less than anticipated, said University President Robert Robbins at a Monday press conference. 

“There are about a thousand who decided not to come back in person, many of whom didn’t come back to Arizona," he said. "They’re taking their courses remotely.” 

There were also instructors who this summer said they felt comfortable teaching in-person courses who have since changed their minds, Robbins added. 

Now that the university is about halfway through with the semester, it's looking toward the Thanksgiving holiday and preparing to mitigate potential COVID-19 spread that could result from travel. Starting Oct. 23, all main campus students will be required to complete surveys on their travel plans that the university will use to recommend safe options.

In addition, the university will conduct a COVID-19 testing blitz from Nov. 9-15. 

“This timing was chosen so that anyone with a positive test can complete a 10-day isolation period following this positive test before they leave campus," Robbins said. 

Students are strongly encouraged to travel away from campus for the holiday and complete the rest of the semester remotely, but they can choose to stay in their dorms during the break or travel and return to campus. The university will have protection measures in place to keep these students and the community safe, Robbins said. 

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