Scottsdale Church Gathers Supplies For Armenians

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Sunday, October 11, 2020 - 6:39pm

A Scottsdale church collected medical supplies over the weekend to send to Armenia as armed conflict continues with Azerbaijan. 

The Armenian community in Arizona dates back more than 50 years. St. Apkar Armenian Apostolic Church was built in Scottsdale in 2009.

After bombing recently resumed following a brief ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Parish Council Member Greg Papazian said the church organized a supply drive on Sunday.

“Civilians are suffering," Papazian said. "This is a humanitarian crises and we are just trying to raise awareness and collect some kind of medical help and relief.”

Papazian said they are hoping the international community will come together to address the conflict because it could impact the security of many nations and they fear ethnic cleansing could be committed against Armenians.