Tombstone loses a water rights battle in court

May 15, 2012

A federal judge has denied the City of Tombstone an emergency request to repair its water system in the Huachuca Mountains. The 130-year old system was badly damaged by floods and wildfires last year. From Phoenix, Al Macias reports.

AL MACIAS: The city wanted to use heavy machinery to repair water lines located in the nearby Coronado National Forest. Tombstone officials claimed they were just trying to recover water they had access to before the fire and floods. City officials say they spent nine months trying to get permission from the U.S. Forest Service. The court ruled that the city didn’t exhaust its efforts to get that permission. Attorneys for the Goldwater Institute, which is representing Tombstone, say they will appeal the decision. They say local communities have the authority to deal with natural disasters without having to cut through federal red tape. 

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