Grand Canyon University Students Returning To In-Person Classes

Published: Monday, September 28, 2020 - 5:05am

Grand Canyon University students will return to the classroom on Monday, after starting the first three weeks of the semester online. GCU announced this summer it would delay the start of its semester and in-person classes to give the state time to flatten its COVID-19 curve when it was considered a hotspot. 

Having delayed the start of the fall semester and in-person classes has given university officials and students time to observe outbreaks at other colleges and what’s causing them, said GCU President Brian Mueller. 

“A lot of the problems around the country, very honestly, have been tied to bars and to fraternities, sororities and partying," he said, adding that GCU does not have fraternities and sororities. "If we can keep most of that to a minimum, then we think we have a lot better chance to be successful.” 

Another advantage to delaying the classes is the cooler weather, he said. This will allow the university to hold some classes and activities outside. 

In addition, the university is equipped to conduct 10,000 tests per month and Mueller says GCU will do random testing as well as testing for anyone who shows symptoms. 

The classes will be blended, meaning half of the class will attend in person on some days, while the other half will attend virtually. 

Other universities across the country have experienced COVID outbreaks that have led them to temporarily suspend in-person classes. Mueller says GCU would do the same if it determined that the classes are the source of the spread.

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