Arizona's Long Term Care Task Force Updates Recommendations

Published: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 5:53pm

Earlier this month, Arizona’s Long Term Care Task Force developed recommendations to allow families to visit loved ones in nursing homes. But the recommendations did not allow families to hug or hold hands. Now, that's changing.

The task force met on Tuesday and approved additional recommendations that should make visits feel a little more comfortable.

Dana Marie Kennedy with AARP Arizona says now a family member will be classified as an “essential visitor.” The caveat? They have to get tested for COVID-19 each week. 

"And they will be able to if they want to touch, touch hands holding hands, they could do that they want to give each other a hug, they can do that. If they need help with bathing, they could help with bathing, grooming, and sometimes feeding as well," Kennedy said.

An essential visitor would still have to follow certain protocols, such as wearing a mask and agreeing not to attend large gatherings.