'Honest And Real': Arizona Highways Celebrates Painter Maynard Dixon

By Steve Goldstein
Published: Friday, September 4, 2020 - 2:20pm

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Drought and Downpour by Maynard Dixon
Maynard Dixon courtesy of Arizona Highways
"Drought and Downpour" by Maynard Dixon.

The art of Arizona and the Southwest is full of images of striking landscapes, wildlife and sunsets. In the early 20th century, Maynard Dixon captured many of those himself on his way to staking a claim as one of the state’s more successful and impressive painters. 

Maynard Dixon
Arizona Highways
Portrait of Maynard Dixon.

A collection of his murals featuring Native Americans is on the walls of the Arizona Biltmore. He also had an intriguing personal life, including a deep friendship forged with the Ronstadt family when he moved to Tucson.

Arizona Highways captures all of this in its September issue, which features one of Dixon’s works on its cover.

The Show spoke with the the magazine's editor-in-chief, Robert Stieve, about what stood out to him about Dixon.

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