Gas Prices Remain Steady In Arizona, Nationwide

Published: Saturday, August 1, 2020 - 9:31am

AAA Arizona reports that gas prices have remained steady both in Arizona and nationwide over the past week, with Arizonans paying about 40 cents below the national average. 

Spokesperson Aldo Vazquez says the lasting effects of the pandemic are starting to affect gas prices worldwide.

“As COVID-19 numbers surpass 4-million, demand for gasoline is weakening across the country, and so that lowered demand is contributing to a cheaper national average on the week," Vazquez said. "Gas prices are likely to fluctuate throughout the rest of the summer due to COVID-19 concerns, with the national average possibly reaching about $2.25 a gallon.”

The cheapest gas in Arizona is in rural Graham county, at about $2.09 a gallon. The most expensive gas is in Maricopa and Coconino counties, averaging about $2.42 per gallon.

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