Arizona's Long-Term Employment Projections Show Positive Growth Through 2028

Published: Friday, July 31, 2020 - 9:23am

Despite COVID-19’s disruption to the economy, long-term employment projections for Arizona remain positive.

Doug Walls, with Arizona's Office of Economic Opportunity, says all 15 state counties are forecast to gain jobs through 2028, led by Maricopa County.

“In this report we are projecting that total employment around Arizona is expected to continue growing jobs through 2028, growing by 1.6% annually,” Walls said. 

He also says education and health services are projected to have the strongest growth. The strong growth in health employment, Walls says, is tied to the state’s high number of seniors.

"It's been shown that individuals who do reach 65 and are eligible for Medicare services, they do consume more health care services,” Walls said.

While Arizona has an aging population, Walls says there’s a growing population of young people simultaneously moving in. This is expected to drive construction growth as housing demand increases.

One sector expected to decline through 2028 is non-education government employment.

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