Arizona Board Of Regents: Ducey's Order To Close Bars Helps Keep Schools Safe

Published: Monday, July 27, 2020 - 9:22am

Dozens of bar owners have filed a lawsuit with the Arizona Supreme Court against Gov. Doug Ducey for closing their businesses. But the Arizona Board of Regents and other groups are coming to Ducey’s defense.

The board, which represent the three state universities, has filed their own legal argument that if bars were to open it would undo all of the safety precautions the schools have put into place to keep their students safe from COVID-19.

The lawyers argue that it’s impossible to drink while wearing a mask and bars would attract the students to an unsafe environment. 

They also counted up the number of bars within the ZIP codes of each school to drive their point home. There are more than 30 bars near each of the three main University campuses.

Other groups showing their support for Ducey’s action are state and local chambers of commerce, organizations representing hospitals, doctors and nurses, and Maricopa County.

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