Officials say cause of JT Ready's rampage may never be known

May 11, 2012

Neighbors of the Gilbert community shocked by last week’s high-profile murder-suicide gathered at Town Hall last night to hear from police investigating the case. As KJZZ’s Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez reports, residents asked the town to improve the way it handles domestic violence cases.

Chief Tim Dorn Gilbert Police Chief told the attendees the murders stemmed from a domestic violence situation. (Photo by Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez - KJZZ)

NADINE ARROYO RODRIGUEZ:  For two hours Gilbert residents peppered police with questions about last week’s murders. Five people died, including a small child, and the suspected shooter, white supremacist JT Ready. They asked questions like...Why didn’t Ready’s girlfriend, Lisa Mederos, get more help when she called police in February over a domestic dispute? And even more basic, why did the killings on May 2 happen in the first place? Gilbert Police Chief Tim Dorn tried to answer that question.

TIM DORN: The why of what cause JT Ready to pull that gun and pull the trigger is something none of us will probably ever know because all of the people who were involved in that argument that were involved in that situation are no longer here to tell us.

ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: One neighbor expressed concern over the explosives found in Ready’s home - and asked if anyone else in the community could have access to similar military-grade weapons. FBI agent James Trugal responded.

JAMES TRUGAL: There’s absolutely no evidence right now that there are any other of these types of ammunitions anywhere in Gilbert. We are actively backtracking where those came from.

ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: By the end of the meeting the community was focused on the issue of domestic violence.  Residents asked city council members for new policies that would give victims of domestic violence more protection, and information, when they report crimes to police.

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