Montana-Based Company Awarded Nearly $150 Million Border Contract

Published: Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 1:03pm

The Department of Defense has awarded a Montana-based company nearly $150 million to work on border security projects on the Barry M. Goldwater Range near Yuma.

BFBC is an affiliate of the Barnard Construction Company. Federal election data shows Barnard company employees and related individuals have donated thousands to President Donald Trump, Sen. Martha McSally, Texas Sen. John Cornyn and various Montana Republican candidates. 

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers administered the latest contract worth $138 million for electrical work to include closed circuit television, ground detection systems and shelters on the southern Arizona bombing range.

BFBC has won several contracts for border wall projects, including a barrier on the range and a more than half billion contract to build fewer than 18 miles of border wall in southern California.