FBI Warns 'Money Mule' Scams Rising In Arizona

Published: Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 4:49pm
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Federal authorities say the number of scams in which people are moving money for fraudsters has been steadily rising in Arizona during the coronavirus pandemic.

The FBI in Arizona told reporters in a Skype call Thursday that so-called "money mules" are people who move cash for scammers. They can get sucked in through romance or employment hoaxes. 

“So there is a trusted relationship with the scammers, who they have never met in person,” said Gary Hellmer, FBI supervisory special agent. 

Everything happens online, via text or phone.

“So the scammers will eventually, once the victim runs out of money, start requesting the victims move money for them,” Hellmer said.

The elderly are a common target for fraudsters looking to groom new money mules, authorities say.   

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