Mesa To Vote On Transportation Bond In November Election

Published: Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 6:05pm
Updated: Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 6:06pm

Mesa residents will be voting on a transportation bond in the Nov. 3 general election. The question will be a request to authorize $100 million in general obligation bonds to be used to fund transportation projects throughout Mesa.

If voters approve, an additional $62 million will be made available in matching funds from the Maricopa Association of Governments.

R. J. Zeder is Mesa’s Transportation Department director. He says the money would be used in three categories: roadway improvements, arterial road reconstruction and active transportation projects.

“Southeast Mesa is rapidly growing," Zeder said. "We need more roadway capacity. In the more mature parts of the city our roadways are aging and need to be rebuilt.”

Zeder says the city hears regularly from citizens who want more opportunities to walk and bike and they hope to use part of the money to expand the transportation network for cyclists and pedestrians.

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