Comedian Tommy Smothers talks about the elements of comedy

May 09, 2012

Comedian Tommy Smothers talks about the Phoenix Comedy Festival, politics and stand-up comedy.

Smothers says the upcoming Phoenix Comedy Festival will be a bit of a challenge for him. Smothers prefers to bounce ideas off of his brother Richard as part of the Smothers Brothers comedy duo. He says comedy is the best platform for political satire, and people’s strong opinions may lead to negative reactions, but that’s just part of being a comedian. Smothers thinks comedians have some serious problems they’re usually working out, they need to find a way to laugh at life and being on stage is great therapy.

Smothers will be performing in the Phoenix Comedy Festival Sunday, May 12 at the Phoenix Symphony Hall. The event will benefit fundraising for the Bill of Rights Monument at the Arizona Capitol.

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