Lake Havasu Sees Uptick In Visitors For Memorial Day Weekend

Published: Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 11:39am

While the first exodus of Memorial Day travelers left the Phoenix metro region Thursday destined for attractions around the state, many will be heading to lakes to cool down today and Sunday.

Sgt. Kyler Cox with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office waterways division said his department has already seen an uptick in visitors to Lake Havasu prior to going into this holiday weekend.

“We’ve noticed coming up to the Memorial Day weekend holiday we have just been significantly busier than normal and not even just weekends, but weekdays, in particular, as well, we’ve noticed a huge uptick in boating,” he said.

Cox also said there are several strategically positioned patrol boats up and down the Colorado River and Lake Havasu that are staffed with paramedics to address emergencies.