Poll: 40% Of Arizonans Facing Struggles Since Start of Pandemic

By Greg Hahne
Published: Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 6:02pm
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A new poll from ASU’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy and the Arizona Republic found that about 40% of Arizonans are struggling from impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The poll was conducted to gather information about the effects of the pandemic.

According to the results, Arizonans in higher income brackets have had a harder time paying mortgages. In fact, those with incomes above $150,000 had the highest rate of missed mortgage payments.

David Schlinkert, a policy analyst with the Morrison Institute, offered some possible explanations.

“This doesn't ask if it’s their primary residence. You could have individuals with multiple homes that are paying. You could also have people that use rental properties of Airbnb and VRBO," Schlinkert said.

"The study also found Arizonans are divided on their approval of the government’s response to the pandemic. Opinions on what should have been prioritized between civil liberties and public health fell mostly along party lines.


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