ASU, UA Share Plans On Bringing Students Back To Campuses In The Fall

Published: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 5:40pm
Updated: Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 7:53am

Smaller class sizes and limiting the number of students in dorms are some of the measures that Arizona State University and the University of Arizona are considering as they determine what the fall semester will look for their campuses. 

It’s still unknown what coronavirus guidelines health officials will issue by August. But if they are about the same as the current guidelines, Crow said during a Wednesday webinar with the Arizona Capitol Times that his university may need to limit the number of students in dorms and classes during the fall semester.

“We’ll spread classes out, so we’ll expand the workweek to seven days a week of classes and then in larger classes, we may have people Zoom in or we may have some of the class come on Monday and some of the class come on Wednesday," Crow said. 

The university is also considering limiting dorms to one student per room. Crow didn’t specify how ASU would accommodate students’ housing needs but said the university does not plan on raising costs for students. 

UA has created a campus re-entry task force that will help the President Robert Robbins determine how to keep students and staff safe as it moves forward. It will be led by former surgeon general and public health professor Richard Carmona.

“On a daily basis, we will be providing information to the president and senior staff," Carmona said. "On a weekly basis, we’re going to have a press conference because we are going to do 100% transparency.” 

Like ASU, UA is considering limiting class sizes and the number of students per dorm room and hybrid instruction.

But Carmona and Robbins said that both students and staff are hoping and eager to return to campus in the fall. 

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