Credit Card Companies Change Terms And Limits

Published: Friday, May 1, 2020 - 5:04pm

As those unemployed Arizonans continue to struggle with their finances, many have turned to credit cards to help them stay afloat.

In turn, credit card companies are also making changes.  

Melinda Opperman is CEO of the nonprofit, which provides educational advice to consumers. 

She said to start with the company’s website as they likely have a section on coronavirus-related programs to aid card holders.

“They have programs available right now where you can reduce payments, postpone payments, reduce interest rates, eliminate interest rates and stop late fees," Opperman said. 

She also said some credit companies are lowering card limits and cancelling infrequently-used cards to limit their financial liabilities. 

Some consultations with her organization incur fees, but there is a variety of free information on the website.