Sen. McSally Calls For Increased Antibody Testing During Phone Town Hall

Published: Friday, April 17, 2020 - 4:15pm
Updated: Friday, April 17, 2020 - 4:16pm
Martha McSally

Sen. Martha McSally on Friday hosted a telephone town hall meeting, partly to discuss with constituents how Arizona can get an upper hand on the coronavirus.

She called for ramping up widespread antibody testing of health care workers and first-responders.

“That’s the challenge with this virus. Many of us could not have any symptoms, no temperature,” she said. “But if you work at a nursing home, a skilled nursing facility or a hospital and you walk in with no symptoms but you have the virus that could be dire for the vulnerable you’re coming in contact with.” 

McSally also conducted a straw poll with participants and asked whether they received their stimulus checks. In real-time, over a half responded they had not according to her office.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich also participated in the call and discussed fraud prevention efforts.

In a press release, her office issued the following results of the town hall.

Poll Results 

Have you been targeted by a COVID scam? Nine percent of the people said they had been targeted.

If you are eligible, have you received your relief check? Over half of the people polled said they had not.

By The Numbers

  • 16,398 Arizonans participated in the event
  • 130 Arizonans spoke to a member of Sen. McSally’s team.
  • 11 people spoke live on the call with Sen. McSally.
  • 121,323 Arizonans received a voicemail from Sen. McSally inviting them to participate.

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