Average Arizona Tax Refund Increases; Deadline For Charitable Donations Looms

Published: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 - 8:59am

Many Arizonans who have already filed their taxes and are depending on refunds to help them get through furloughs and layoffs will get a slight bump this tax season.

Ed Greenberg, communications director for the Arizona Department of Revenue, said the number of returns so far parallels 2019.

"The volume of refunds is about the same as last year at 1.5 million refunds, but the average refund amount is actually slightly higher,” he said. “$623 is an average refund being processed this tax season compared to $579 last tax season.”

Greenberg also reminded filers who are waiting until the new filing deadline on July 15 but still want to make a contribution to a qualified charitable organization for a tax credit, they still need to donate by the April 15 deadline.

For those seeking answers about federal stimulus money as it relates to the CARES Act passed by Congress, there is information on the Internal Revenue Service's website.