Word S3 E5: Int’l Women’s HERstory Month Part 2 – 'Coronacation'

By Tom Maxedon
Published: Friday, March 27, 2020 - 12:25pm
Updated: Friday, March 27, 2020 - 12:29pm

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Bryan Chatlien
Lady Caress is a poet and performer who currently lives in the Valley.

While we hunker down amid a pandemic, creatives are facing tough times, too.

Performances have been canceled.

Open mics have been shut down.

And regular patrons of indie bookstores are keeping their physical distance, forcing the cancellation of touring authors in Arizona who rely on public appearances to connect to their audiences.

But many are turning to technology to “gigify” their arts and maintain a connection to those who support their writing and performing. 

As we celebrate Int’l Women’s HERstory Month in this second part, we focus on how female podcasters, poets and creative writing instructors, as well as spoken word performers are coping in the age of Covid-19.

We begin with a former long-time NPR reporter and now host of a children’s podcast called Book Club For Kids. Kitty Felde was slated to tape her show in Phoenix and meet up with patrons of some independent bookstores in Arizona. But, due to recent events, she’s postponing her travels.

John Roche
Jules Nyquist is a poet and teacher. She also operates Poetry Playhouse in Placitas, New Mexico.

We also welcome Jules Nyquist to this episode. She is a poet and teacher from Placitas, New Mexico where she is also the founder of Jules' Poetry Playhouse. 

Finally, Caress Rusell, aka Lady Caress, is a Valley performer and spoken word artist. She joined us to talk about her work which largely focuses on women's empowerment — especially for the African American community. We will talk about her work in general but also specifically her poem, "Bred for This." Her writing and performing is widely available on YouTube and social media.   

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